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Luckiest Girl I Know

Luckiest Girl I Know

The title of this post isn’t about vanity. It just is what it is. (And something I often say to myself while traveling after something goes very wrong then gets fixed)

I was born into a military family (and with a U.S. passport, which is huge, but a blog for another day) where being away from home was the norm. It made me immune to homesickness and gave me a perpetual urge to be everywhere I wasn’t. It also made me value time - from the time spent with my grandparents on the visits from across the country - to the limited time with the friends who you knew you only had for a year before the military moved them.

When I was 7, my dad began working as a commercial airline pilot. I don’t remember whether he was home more or less often, but I also don’t remember him being gone. I do remember our weekend trips to meet up with him. My mom would take us for the weekend and we’d meet him in Seattle, San Francisco or Philadelphia - just for 24 hours. Flash forward 20 years and I’m still tagging along on his trips.  

Beyond family, I’ve been lucky enough to collect a group of friends who share my love. It’s the common thread between us all and more often than not what makes me want to introduce one friend to another. They’re girls who will wear masks at midnight in Savannah, jump off cliffs in Dubrovnik or road trip to Wisconsin. These are my people.

I’m not unique though. I’m honestly just doing what makes me happy. Travel isn’t about luck or even planning. Traveling is about prioritizing. I created this blog to let people know that the ability to travel isn’t out of reach. It’s not too much, you’re never too old and it is possible. All you need is 24 hours.